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Friday, December 14, 2012

AE Elec Internal Selection Addl. list allotment orders


144, Anna Salai,
          Chennai-600 002.

Memo.No.093941/G.13/G.131/2012-2   Dated   12 .12.2012.

                   Sub:-  Establishment – Class II Service –  Assistant                                            Engineer/Electrical by Internal Selection -
                             Allotment orders – Issued.

                   Ref:-   1) This office U.O.Note .No.000729/02/G55/G551/2012-1,
                                 dated 07.09.2012.
                             2) This office Letter No.000729/02/G.55/G.551/2012,
                                  dated 10.12.2012.
                             3) This office  Memo. No.093941/G.13/G.131/2012-1,
                                 Dated 10.10.2012.       
                             4) This office Letter No.000729/02/G.55/G.551/12-3,
                                 Dt. 12.12.2012.                      

                   In continuation of this office Memo. under reference 3rd cited, the additionally 20 individuals who have been provisionally selected for appointment as Assistant Engineer/Electrical in the Pay Band + Grade pay of Rs.10100-34800+4600 in Class II service  through  internal selection, vide reference 54h  cited,  as  in  the Annexure are allotted to the circle as indicated against each.

                   2. Their  selection for appointment as Assistant Engineer/  Electrical through internal selection is subject to  the following conditions:-

iii.                that their pay will be fixed by grant of personal pay to
                             extent of the difference in the basic pay admissible to
                             them  from  time  to  time  in  the  post  of  Assistant
                             Engineer/Electrical  till  it becomes equal to  or  more
                             than  the  basic pay in the previous post  whichever  is
                             earlier,   as   per   orders   in   B.P.Ms.(FB)  No.95
                             (Sectt.Branch) dated 20.11.1985 and clarificatory orders
                             issued thereon from time to time.

                   ii.       since  the  appointment  now  ordered  is  by   internal
                             selection, the individuals are not eligible for fixation
                             of pay under Regulation 33(b) of Tamil Nadu  Electricity
                             Board Service Regulation.



iii.                they  should produce satisfactory evidence  in  original
                             regarding their educational qualification, date of birth
                             and  community before joining duty for verification  and
                             that if any discrepancy is found in the certificates  or
                             if  they are found to be unqualified, their  appointment
                             will  be cancelled immediately followed by  cancellation
                             of selection also.
                   iv.      As   they   have  already   furnished   an   undertaking
                             relinquishing  their  rights for  further  promotion  in
                             their  present cadre, in the event of their  appointment
                             as Assistant Engineer/Electrical they have no claim  for
                             further promotion in the present cadre.

                   v.       they will not be eligible for reversion to their  parent
                             cadre or post under any circumstances.

                   vi.      that anomalies if any will not be considered.

                    3.  An undertaking to the effect of items (i)  to  (vi) under  para-2  above  may be obtained from  the individuals  (in duplicate) before their joining as Assistant Engineer/Electrical. One copy of the undertaking should  be  pasted in Service Roll/Service  Book of the individual and another copy  should  be retained in the office of the Superintending Engineer.

                   4.  The Superintending Engineer’s are informed  to  issue orders  of appointment on temporary basis subject to agreeing  to the  above conditions in writing, under Regulation 106 of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Service Regulation and postings,  to  the employees.  The  Superintending  Engineer’s are also informed to  include  a clause  in  the  appointment  order  that  the  appointment   and regularisation/confirmation  of  services  in  the  category   of Assistant Engineer shall be subject to the outcome of the W.P.No.23245/2001, 39282/2005, 39883/2005 and 11710/2005.

                   5.  The  individual  may be  directed  to  produce  the Physical Fitness Certificate obtained from a Medical Officer  not lower in rank than that of a Civil Surgeon, to the  Superintending Engineer   at   the   time   of   joining   duty   as   Assistant Engineer/Electrical.  If  their vision are not normal  then  they have  to  produce  a special certificate  obtained  from  an  Eye Specialist  employed  in  a Government  Hospital  furnishing  the particulars  mentioned  in the annexure to the form  of  Physical Fitness Certificate. 


                   6.  The selected candidates may be informed  that  they should  join duty within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of relief in  the present  post, failing which it will be taken that they  are  not interested  to accept the appointment and further action will  be taken to cancel their appointment.

                   7.   No  representation  for  change  of  postings   or extension  of time limit to join duty will be  entertained  under any  circumstances. Even if any attempt is made for  modification through third person, the selection and appointment order will be cancelled.

                   8. The attention of the Superintending Engineer’s are also drawn  to B.P.Ms.(FB) No. 45 (Adm.Branch) dated 05.09.88  wherein it  has  been stipulated that all  Assistant  Engineer/Electrical recruited  shall be posted to any one of the field branch (i)  to (vi) stated therein.

                   9. The Superintending Engineer’s concerned are requested to  report  the  date  of  relief and  date  of  joining  of  the individual promptly.

                   10. The Superintending Engineer’s concerned are informed that if any of the Junior Engineer/ Elecl. II Grade in the list has already joined as Junior Engineer/ Elecl. I Grade consequent to promotion, they are not eligible for internal selection of Assistant Engineer/ Electrical and their orders need not be served to them and such of  the persons may be intimated to this office immediately.

                   11.  If any of the individual is udnergoing punishment/ D.P. pending, the allotment order need not be served and intimated to this office immediately.

                   12. The receipt of this Memo. shall be acknowledged.

Encl:- Annexure.
                                                         CHIEF ENGINEER/PERSONNEL.

The Superintending Engineers concerned.
Copy to the Chief Engineers concerned.
Copy to the Senior Personnel Officer/Recruitment/Adm.Br./Chennai-2.
Copy to G 3, G 12 & G 18 Sections/Adm.Branch, Chennai-2.
Copy to Stock File/ Spare.

Sd./-xx. 12.12.12.

ANNEXURE TO MEMO. NO. 093941/G13/G131/2012-2, DATED 12.12.2012. 

Name of the Employee Designation Date of Birth Name of the Circle Circle allotted
1 D. Senthil Kumar Helper Cum Meter Reader 13.9.74 Madurai EDC/ Metro Tiruppur EDC
2 S. Murugesan Helper Cum Meter Reader 20.1.72 Udumalpet EDC Udumalpet EDC
3 S.Ebenezar Selva Daniel Helper Cum Meter Reader 3.4.75 NCES/ Tirunelveli Tiruppur EDC
4 R. Karuppaiah Helper Cum Meter Reader 1.6.75 Pudukottai
Pudukottai EDC
5 K.Madhaian Assessor Gr.II 13.6.72 Thirupathur
Dharmapuri EDC
6 P. Ramar Helper cum Meter Reader 23.5.72 Thirupathur
Dharmapuri EDC
7 S.Baskaran Helper Cum Meter Reader 18.6.75 Mettur EDC Namakkal EDC
8 K.V.Ilayaraj Helper Cum Meter Reader 3.2.78 Thirupathur
Dharmapuri EDC
9 N.Vijaya babu Helper cum Meter reader 10.7.76 Dharmapuri
Dharmapuri EDC
10 S.Thangaraj Helper Cum Meter Reader 15.4.74 Mettur EDC Namakkal EDC
11 N. Venkatesan Helper Cum Meter reader 27.5.76  SALEM EDC Salem EDC
12 S.P. Saravanakumar Helper Cum Meter Reader 25.1.75 NCES/ Tirunelveli Nilgiris EDC
13 A. Krishnan Helper Cum Meter Reader 11.7.77 NCES/ Tirunelveli Nilgiris EDC
14 N.Muthukumar Helper Cum MeterReader 1.6.73 Kanyakumarai EDC Gen.Circle/ Kundah
15 A.S. Anbu selvan. Helper Cum meter reader 27.6.79  Tiruvarur EDC Gen.Circle/ Kundah
16 A. Riaznazumudin Helper cum meter reader 24.9.72  Cuddalore EDC Gen.Circle/ Kundah
17 K. Saravanan Helper cum meter reader 25.7.74  Cuddalore EDC Gen.Circle/ Kundah
18 K. Senthil Rajan Helper Cum Meter Reader 19.6.74 NCES/ Tirunelveli Gen.Circle/ Kundah
19 B. Saraswathi Technical Assistant 3.3.80 NCES/ Tirunelveli Virudhunagar EDC
20 A.Palanisamy HelperCum
Meter Reader
15.6.72 Mettur EDC Gen.Circle/ Kundah

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