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Monday, December 10, 2012

AE (Elec) Internal selection 2012 orders


From                                                            To
Chief Engineer/ Personnel,                              All Superintending Engineers
8th Floor,
Anna Salai,

Letter No.000729/02/G55/G551/12, dated 10.12.2012.

                   Sub:-  Rectt. – Class II Service – Assistant Engineer/
                             Electrical by Internal Selection – 2012 –
                             Selection orders issued.

                   Ref:    CE/Pl’s Office Lr.No. 000729/02/G.55/G551/12

                   I am to inform that 267 Nos. of RWE and Provincial Cadre  employees (as mentioned in the Annexure) are selected to the post of Assistant Engineer/ Electrical by Internal Selection in the scale of pay of             Rs.10,100 – 34,800 + (4600 Grade Pay).

                   2) It is informed that if any of the Junior Engineer/II Grade Electrical in the list has already joined as Junior Engineer/ I Grade Electrical consequent to promotion, they are not eligible for Internal Selection of Assistant Engineer / Electrical . Such of the persons may be intimated to this office immediately.

                   3) It is further informed that allotment orders to the selected 267 employees will be issued separately.

                                                                    Yours faithfully,
Encl. : Annexure.
                                                                 (R. SRINIVASAN.)
                                                         CHIEF ENGINEER/ PERSONNEL

Copy to all Chief Engineers.

Annexure to Letter No.000729/02/G.55/G.551/2012, dated 10.12.2012.


S.No. Name of the Employee Sex Designation Date of Birth Whether belongs to ST/SC/SCA/MBC/BC/
Name of the Circle
1 P.Jhansi Rani M TA 10.4.87 SC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
2 J. Winston Churchill M Field Asst. 1.6.82 BC SE/P&C/ Chennai
3 M. Karthikeyan M TA 2.5.86 BC Se/ Dindigul EDC/ Dindigul
4 N. Saravanan M JE/II Gr. 16.5.79 BC SE/ Udumalpet
5 N.Srividhya F JE/ II Gr 27.5.82 MBC SE/Erode EDC
6 A. Senthil Kumar M TA 18.1.85 SC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
7 N. Sadaiappa Swaminathan M Helper 7.6.84 BC SE/Coimbatore EDC/Metro
8 K. Saravanan M TA 27.5.81 BC SE/ Chennai.EDC/ Central
9 V.S. Mariappan M TA 26.5.84 BC ACE/ Generation Circle/ Tirunelveli
10 M. Niranjana F TA 21.6.77 MBC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
11 K.Anbazhagan M TA 30.7.74 BC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
12 S.K. Mayurinathan M TA 12.12.85 BC SE/ Kadamparai Generation Circle
13 R. Bharathi Mohan M JEIIGR 1.4.86 SC SE/ Thanjvur EDC
14 D.Ram kumar M TA 6.4.84 MBC SE/ NCTPS/ Chennai.120
15 S. Kannan M TA 24.7.80 MBC SE/ Sivaganga
16 M. Abdul Rahman M TA 19.12.79 BCM Se/ Dindigul EDC/ Dindigul
17 S.Mabudeshwaran M TA 20.6.77 BC SE/Erode EDC
18 P. Yasotha F TA 16.10.79 BC SE/Chennai EDC/ North
19 P. Manoharan M TA 5.11.77 MBC SE/Chennai EDC/ North
20 G. Manimala F TA 28.2.81 MBC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
21 D. Antony Saron Dass M TA 28.11.75 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
22 S. SenthilKumar M TA 17.6.78 BC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
23 K. Baskaran M TA 14.11.84 SC SE/ Chennai.EDC/
24 J. Mathivanan M TA 28.5.82 BC ACE/ Generation Circle/ Tirunelveli
25 T.Srivijaya F TA 30.6.76 BC SE/Kanyakuamarai EDC
26 M.Bothambal F TA 15.7.74 BC SE/Mettur EDC
27 P.M.Karthikeyan M TA 25.5.80 MBC SE/Mettur EDC
28 L. Banurega F TA 13.6.70 BC SE/ Cuddalore EDC
29 M.Sathish Kumar M TA 2.5.79 SC SE/ Tiruvanamalai EDC
30 E. Renuka F TA 3.6.77 BC SE/ Tiruvanamalai EDC
31 K. Babu M TA 6.4.83 BC SE/Dharmapuri
32 P. Bhoopathi M TA 6.6.80 MBC SE/Coimbatore EDC/Metro
33 S. Shanthi F TA 10.9.81 MBC SE/Coimbatore EDC/Metro
34 K.Thangaraj M TA 18.11.79 BC SE/Coimbatore EDC/Metro
35 V.D.Govindan M TA 3.6.74 BC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
36 R. Vijaya Kumar M TA 5.4.84 MBC SE/ Sivaganga
37 V. Sasi reka M TA 14.2.79 SC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
38 A.S. Banumathi F TA 9.4.79 BC SE/MRT Lab/Chennai EDC/Central
39 J.Shiya F TA 14.11.78 BC SE/Kanyakuamarai EDC
40 S.Senthilkumar M TA 20.6.83 MBC SE/Mettur EDC
41 J. Gopala Krishnan M Assessor
 Gr. II
27.5.71 BC Se/ Dindigul EDC/ Dindigul
42 C. Thamil Selvi F TA 25.12.78 BC SE/Coimbatore EDC/Metro
43 P. Suresh M TA 31.7.82 BC SE/ Chengalpattu EDC
44 R. Velu Chamy M TA 2.6.77 MBC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
45 A. Ram Kumar M TA 27.4.80 BC SE/ Sivaganga
46 R. Thirumurugan M TA 4.12.85 MBC SE/Karur
47 R.G. Gokkhilavani F TA 13.1.79 MBC SE/GCC/
48 R. Prasana Venkatesan M TA 23.5.80 MBC SE/P&A/ ETPS
49 M. SelvaKumar M TA 15.5.79 BC SE/Generation/
50 K. Kamalanathan M TA 23.6.78 MBC SE/ Chennai.EDC/
51 D. Geetha F TA 9.7.82 MBC SE/Coimbatore EDC
52 M.Durai Pandian M TA 8.11.83 ST SE/ Virdhu Nagar EDC
53 S. Sakunthala F TA 2.7.75 BC SE/ Coimbatore EDC
54 R.Mahalakshmi M TA 16.11.76 DC SE/ SALEM EDC
55 R. Murugan M TA 15.4.71 MBC SE/ SALEM EDC
56 A.Senthilkumar M TA 30.7.85 SC SE/ SALEM EDC
57 S. Kumarasamy M TA 17.3.80 MBC SE/ SALEM EDC
58 G. Nalini F TA 3.8.79 MBC SE/ SALEM EDC
59 A. Gunasekar M TA 3.4.80 SC SE/ SALEM EDC
60 G. Krishnan M TA 29.7.80 MBC SE/Tirupur EDC
61 S.K. Ganesan M TA 105.81 ST SE/ SALEM EDC
62 P. Balamurugan M TA 23.5.72 BC SE/ Madurai EDC/
63 G. Vigneswaran M TA 29.5.83 ST SE/ Madurai EDC/
64 C. Jagadeesh Babu M TA 2.4.78 MBC SE/ Coimbatore EDC
65 A. Meena F TA 13.12.78 BC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
66 S. Prabu M TA 3.6.83 BC SE/Thirupathur
67 V. Akila Devi F TA 20.5.74 DC SE/ Udumalpet
68 K. Antony Selva Raj M TA 8.8.70 BC SE/ Madurai EDC/ Madurai
69 K. Pushpaveni F JE / II Gr. 23.5.76 SC SE/Coimbatore EDC/Metro
70 K.S. Mariappan M JE/II Gr. 29.5.67 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
71 A. Balakrishnan M JE/ II Gr. 20.4.71 MBC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
72 A. Kannan M JE/ II Gr. 20.3.76 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
73 J. Siluvai Green Wel M JE/ II Gr. 5.6.71 MBC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
74 A. Vana raja M JE/ II Gr. 23.6.67 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
75 D. Gurunathan M JE/ II Gr. 10.5.75 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
76 M.Samuel M JE/ II Gr 2.6.62 BC SE/Thirupathur
77 G. Sangeetha F JE/ II Gr. 5.5.83 BC SE/Thirupathur
78 M. SenthilKumar M JE/ II Gr. 21.6.72 DC ACE/ Generation Circle/ Tirunelveli
79 R.C. Krishna Kumar M JE II Gr. 23.4.72 BC SE/ Madurai EDC/
80 A. Senthil Kumar M JE/ II Gr. 1.6.67 MBC SE/ Coimbatore EDC
81 R. Udaya Sankar M CI 28.5.71 BC SE/ Madurai EDC/ Madurai
82 E.Paulinesan M JEIIGR 20.5.74 BC SE/Mettur EDC
83 C. Saravanan M JEIIGR 6.6.72 BC SE/Villupuram EDC
84 R. Karthigeyan M JEIIGR 1.7.81 OC SE/ SALEM EDC
85 R. Ramesh M JEIIGR 1.6.82 MBC SE/ SALEM EDC
86 D. Gopinathan M JEII GR 7.7.64 BC SE/ Thanjvur EDC
87 S. Ramachandran M JEIIGR 16.3.66 BC SE/ Tiruvarur EDC
88 B. Murali M TA 5.4.75 BC SE/ Tiruvarur EDC
89 A.Gomatheeswari F TA 10.4.82 SCA SE/Mettur EDC
90 R. Vidhya F JE/II Gr. 13.6.83 OC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
91 S. Loganathan M TA 29.8.87 MBC SE/P&A/ ETPS
92 J.Jaya Prakash M TA 26.5.87 BC SE/Generation/
93 S.R.Govindaraj M Helper 24.6.80 MBC SE/Erode EDC
94 C. Senthilkumar M Helper 25.5.86 SC SE/ Cuddalore EDC
95 M. Vasanthakumar M Field Asst. 17.5.87 MBC SE/ Cuddalore EDC
96 V. Palanisamy M JE/II Gr 3.1.69 MBC SE/P&C/
97 M. Jagathesan M TA 10.5.83 BC SE/Dharmapuri
98 C.Asaithambi M F.M. I Gr. 21.6.63 BC SE/Dharmapuri
99 N. Shanmugam M TA 18.4.82 MBC SE/Dharmapuri
100 S. Sundarsai M JE/II Gr. 25.12.65 BC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
101 V. Palani Chamy M JE/ II Gr. 7.6.70 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
102 B. Jamuna F JE/ II Gr. 16.4.83 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
103 K. Jaylakshmi F JE/ II Gr. 3.12.69 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
104 P. Ganesh Pandian M TA 7.6.84 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
105 M.Abdul Kadar M TA 10.6.77 BC SE/ Sivaganga
106 S. Thanigai vel M JE/ II Gr. 9.4.71 BC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
107 M. Mohamed Musthfa M JE/ II Gr. 24.5.77 BC SE/Thirupathur
108 S. Sharmila F TA 5.5.77 SC SE/Thirupathur
109 S. Vijaya Lakshmi F JE/ II Gr. 15.7.77 BC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
110 M. Sekar M JE/ II Gr. 21.11.70 MBC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
111 R. Ravi Kumar M TA 5.4.73 BC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
112 P. Saravanan M JE / II Gr. 10.6.80 MBC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
113 M. Kannan M TA 22.5.83 MBC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
114 B. Sathish M TA 15.6.86 MBC SE/ Chennai.EDC/
115 S. Kathiravan M JE/ II Gr 7.6.73 BC SE/ Tuticorin
116 A. Muthuramalingam M TA 10.6.85 BC SE/ Tirunelveli
117 A. Arun M JE/ II Gr. 25.5.77 BC SE/ Tirunelveli
118 R.Nathiya F TA 1.4.87 MBC Se/ Dindigul EDC/ Dindigul
119 S. Periyasamy M JE/IIGr. 31.3.78 BC SE/ Virdhu Nagar EDC
120 C.Jeyasekar M JE/ II Gr 2.6.76 BC SE/Kanyakuamarai EDC
121 R.SenthilKumar M JE/ II Gr 25.5.76 BC SE/Kanyakuamarai EDC
122 L.Manikandan M JE IIGr. 9.5.85 BC SE/Tirupur EDC
123 P.S.Karlmarx M JEIIGR 24.2.85 SC SE/Mettur EDC
124 P. Thiagarajan M JEIIGR 27.5.71 BC SE/ SALEM EDC
125 P. Preetha F JEIIGR 13.4.84 BC SE/ SALEM EDC
126 D. Sugavanesari  F TA 25.5.77 MBC SE/ SALEM EDC
127 Deepa F TA 6.1.78 SC SE/ SALEM EDC
128 K.V. Krishnamoorthy M JE/II Gr 22.4.68 OC SE/P&C/
129 K.Rathinakumar M JE/II Gr. 11.1.82 BC SE/Coimbatore EDC/Metro
130 T. Sugumar M TA 15.2.82 SC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
131 D. Vijaya Kumar M JE/ II Gr. 18.7.80 BC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
132 M. Sundararajan M JE/ II Gr. 29.6.74 MBC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
133 G. Parthiban M JE/ II Gr. 5.6.70 BC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
134 P. Gnanasekaran M JE/ II Gr. 22.9.80 BC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
135 E. Inbarasan M JE/ II Gr. 18.5.75 BC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
136 K. Rajesh M JE/ II Gr. 15.5.74 BC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
137 N.Swaminathan M JE/ II Gr. 28.11.73 BC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
138 S. Natarajan M JEII GR 16.4.83 BC SE/ Nagai EDC
139 G.Sundaravadivel M JE/II Gr. 14.6.73 SC Se/Kanchipuram EDC
140 S. Sebesan M TA 27.7.66 BC SE/Coimbatore EDC/ Metro
141 K.S. Jaya raman M JE / II Gr. 20.5.68 BC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
142 D. Shanmugam M TA 1.6.78 MBC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
143 V. Dhanapal M Helper 26.6.76 MBC SE/ Namakkal EDC
144 N.Sundaramoorthy M JE/II Gr 28.5.72 MBC SE/Dharmapuri
145 A. Antony Raj M JE/ II Gr. 10.12.74 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
146 S. Mani Mozhi F JE/ II Gr. 7.6.71 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
147 R. Senthil Kumar M JE / II Gr. 11.6.69 MBC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
148 D. Manoharan M JE II GR 19.3.70 BC ACE/ Pudukottai
149 S. Sekar M JE II GR 25.12.85 MBC SE/ Chennai.EDC/
150 R. Durai M JE II GR 27.1.80 MBC SE/ Chennai.EDC/
151 N. Mohamed Zhath M JE/ II Gr. 7.4.77 BCM SE/ Tirunelveli
152 V. Ram Raj M JE/ II Gr. 15.2.76 MBC SE/ Tirunelveli
153 E.Murugan M JE/ II Gr. 25.12.71 DC SE/ Tirunelveli
154 G. Chella Kamachi M JE/II GR 12.4.84 BC Se/ Dindigul EDC/ Dindigul
155 A. Selva Kumar M JE/II Gr. 16.6.77 BC SE/ Virdhu Nagar EDC
156 M.Muthu Raj M TA 16.5.81 SC SE/ Virdhu Nagar EDC
157 S. Gopal M JE/ II Gr. 4.5.76 BC SE/ Coimbatore EDC
158 G.Selvaraj M TA 23.5.84 BC SE/Mettur EDC
159 D. Aanandan M JEIIGR 6.6.71 BC SE/ SALEM EDC
160 P. Kalyani F TA 25.5.74 MBC SE/ SALEM EDC
161 N. Arumugam M TA 13.2.85 BC SE/P&A/ ETPS
162 K. Suresh M Auditor 10.2.75 BC CIAO/ Audit Branch, Chennai.2
163 A. Murali M TA 7.4.71 SC SE/Chennai EDC/ North
164 P. Anandhan M CI 26.7.76 SC SE/Coimbatore EDC/Metro
165 B. Giriprasad M JE/II Gr 11.9.82 MBC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
166 B. Kamala sekaran M JE/II Gr 15.4.63 BC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
167 S. Yoga Raj M TA 29.6.88 MBC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
168 M. Thiyaga Rajan M TA 20.5.64 BC SE/Trichy EDC / Metro
169 M.G. Kumar M CI 18.5.60 OC SE/ Chennai.EDC/
170 P.Vivekanathan M JE II GR 26.6.76 MBC SE/ Chennai.EDC/
171 S. Saravanan M JEIIGR 11.5.74 BC SE/Vellore EDC
172 T.R. Balamurugan M JEIIGR 1.5.72 oC SE/Vellore EDC
173 S. Venkatesh M TA 2.8.85 BC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
174 K. Ganesamoorthy M TA 23.9.88 SCA SE/P&A/ ETPS
175 S. Anand M TA 11.2.86 BC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
176 S.Murugan M CI 12.2.69 SC SE/ Madurai EDC/
177 K.Ramadass M JE/II Gr. 31.1.84 SC SE/Coimbatore EDC/Metro
178 S. Nambiseshan M JE/ II Gr 3.11.71 OC SE/P&C/
179 R. Rajesh M JE/II Gr 28.3.80 OC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
180 G. Senthilnathan M JE/II Gr. 28.8.80 BC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
181 S.Raj Kumar M JE/ II Gr. 31.5.71 BC SE/ Tuticorin
182 S. Sudalai M JE/ II Gr. 8.5.72 SC SE/ Tirunelveli
183 G. Venkatesan M TA 7.6.82 MBC SE/ SALEM EDC
184 R. Ezhil Babu M JE/ II Gr. 2.6.77 SC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
185 N. Sathiskumar M JE/ IIGr 1.11.81 BC SE/Trichy EDC / Metro
186 B.Senthil Kumar M JE/II GR 7.6.75 BC SE/ Namakkal EDC
187 S.Sathish M TA 20.5.86 SC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
188 R. Sivagnanam M JE/II Gr 19.6.66 OC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
189 S.P. Sankara Narayanan M TA 2.9.86 DNC SE/ NCTPS/ Chennai.120
190 B.Balachandran M JE/ II Gr. 20.1.69 OC SE/ NCTPS/ Chennai.120
191 N.Manikandan M JE/ II Gr 6.7.87 BC SE/Kanyakuamarai EDC
192 K. Samuthiram M JE/II Gr. 10.2.73 SC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
193 M.Venkateswaran M Helper 24.5.74 BC SE/ Madurai EDC/ Madurai
194 P.Elango M D'man 18.3.65 BC SE/P&C/
195 T. Ilayaraja M TA 20.4.80 MBC SE/Dharmapuri
196 V. Nandakumar M JE/II Gr. 20.3.76 BC SE/Chengalpattu EDC
197 V.Vijayaraghavan M JE/ II Gr. 24.6.73 BC SE/ Tiruvanamalai EDC
198 P. Vellai Vinayaga Krishnan M JE/ II Gr. 19.8.76 MBC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
199 N. Sabarinath M CI 26.11.74 BC SE/ Kanchipuram EDC
200 A. Alex M TA 22.5.83 BC SE/Trichy EDC / Metro
201 M. Karthikeyan M TA 12.7.86 MBC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
202 D. Mani Kandan M JE/ II Gr 19.11.79 BC SE/ Chennai.EDC/
203 T.Suresh M TA 3.4.87 MBC SE/ Chennai.EDC/
204 C. Robert M F.M. Spl.Gr. 1.6.67 BC SE/ Tuticorin
205 S. Karthick M JE/ II Gr. 23.5.82 BC SE/ Tirunelveli
206 I.Noor Mohamed M CI 3.5.65 OC SE/Coimbatore EDC
207 A. Gandhi M JE/ II Gr. 6.7.81 BC Se/ Dindigul EDC/ Dindigul
208 M. Sheikh Allauddin M JE/ II Gr. 15.9.66 BC SE/ Coimbatore EDC
209 S. Sekar M JE/ II Gr. 30.5.65 SC SE/ Madurai EDC/ Madurai
210 G.Muthukumar M JE/ II Gr 28.10.75 BC SE/ Madurai EDC/ Madurai
211 J. Sargurunathan M TA 8.7.80 BC SE/Villupuram EDC
212 S. Anbuselvan M TA 7.6.83 MBC SE/ Nagai EDC
213 V. Devendran M JEIIGR 11.7.77 BC SE/ Thanjvur EDC
214 S.Sivaperumal M TA 17.8.81 BC SE/ Thanjvur EDC
215 T.Vivekanandhan M JEIIGR 16.1.78 BC SE/ Thanjvur EDC
216 A. Abdul Khader M FM I Gr. 1.6.69 BC SE/ Thanjvur EDC
217 M.S. Manikandan M JE IIGR 25.4.82 BC SE/Vellore EDC
218 A. Karthikeyan M JEIIGR 21.3.76 BC SE/ Cuddalore EDC
219 V. Prakash M JEIIGR 16.3.84 BC SE/ Cuddalore EDC
220 P. Prabavathy F JEIIGR 17.8.72 MBC SE/ Cuddalore EDC
221 K. Rajinikanth M JEIIGR 21.7.73 BC SE/ Cuddalore EDC
222 S.Sundarrajan M JEIIGR 1.6.64 SC SE/ Cuddalore EDC
223 M. Natarajan M JEIIGR 19.6.77 OC SE/ Cuddalore EDC
224 M. Arul M JEIIGR 2.3.66 SC SE/ Cuddalore EDC
225 P.Asok Raj M JEIIGR 6.6.80 MBC SE/Villupuram EDC
226 S. Adithyan M TA 30.11.89 OC SE//BBGTPS/
227 M.Sugumar M JE/II Gr. 1.2.72 MBC SE/Chennai EDC/ North
228 P. Mahesh M JE/II Gr 22.5.80 OC SE/LD & GO/ Chennai.2
229 M.P. Udayakumar M JE/II Gr. 24.6.86 MBC SE/LD & GO/ Chennai.2
230 A. Vaithiyalingam M CI 11.6.68 OC SE/Chennai EDC/ North
231 S. Senthil Murugan M JE/ II Gr. 7.5.81 BC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
232 S. Rajendran M JE/II Gr. 5.7.70 MBC SE/ Chennai EDC/ South
233 O. Ramalingam M JE/ II GR.II 23.6.78 BC SE/LD & GO/
234 R. Ramesh M TA 12.5.67 OC SE/ NCTPS/ Chennai.120
235 C.R.Mohan  Raj M TA 13.7.75 BC SE/ NCTPS/ Chennai.120
236 S.Babu M JE/ II Gr. 28.4.80 SC SE/ NCTPS/ Chennai.120
237 M.Balaji M JE/ II Gr. 7.12.81 OC SE/ NCTPS/ Chennai.120
238 S. Muruga Perumal M JE/ II Gr. 21.3.75 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
239 Y. Arun M TA 31.5.85 BC SE/ P & A/ TTPS/ Tuticorin
240 S.P. Vinoth Kumar M TA 24.11.75 MBC SE/P&A/ ETPS
241 P. Srinivasan M TA 10.12.73 OC SE/P&A/ ETPS
242 A.Anil Kumar M Tester Chemical 10.5.76 BC SE/P&A/ ETPS
243 P. Mathan M Tester Chemical 15.6.74 BC SE/P&A/ ETPS
244 A. Kathar Hussain M JE/ II Gr 13.5.87 BC SE/P&A/ MTPS
Mettur Dam
245 L. Raja M JE/IIGR 6.5.74 BC SE/ Chennai.EDC/
246 C.SasiKumar M TA 26.1.76 BC SE/ Chennai.EDC/ Central
247 R.Manthana Gopal M JE/ II Gr 20.6.77 OC SE/ Chennai.EDC/ Central
248 A.Manikandan M JE/II Gr 3.5.78 BC SE/ Chennai.EDC/ South
249 S. Murugan M TA 6.7.67 OC SE/ Chennai.EDC/ Central
250 R.Mohan M TA 1.8.85 BC SE/ Tirunelveli
251 D. Joseph M JE/ II Gr. 5.5.66 BC SE/ Tirunelveli
252 T. Ganesan M JE/ II Gr. 5.3.79 SC SE/ Tirunelveli
253 K. Kesavan M JE/ II Gr. 7.5.68 BC SE/Coimbatore EDC
254 S. Ranga Raj M JE/ II Gr. 5.5.65 BC SE/Coimbatore EDC
255 A. MartinJoel M JE/ II Gr. 15.5.81 BC SE/Coimbatore EDC
256 N.Suganya F JE/ II Gr. 20.6.86 MBC SE/Coimbatore EDC
257 P.M. Murugan M TA 18.4.67 BC SE/Coimbatore EDC
258 S. Prabhakaran M FM I Gr. 18.12.66 OC SE/ Coimbatore EDC
259 D. Guna Sekaran M TA 18.7.74 BC SE/ Coimbatore EDC
260 P. Sakthivel M TA 26.4.66 MBC SE/ Coimbatore EDC
261 A. Suresh Kumar M JE/ II Gr. 10.12.78 BC SE/ Coimbatore EDC
262 N. Sekar M TA 22.12.79 BC SE/ SALEM EDC
263 S. Sangeetha F JEIIGR 17.5.81 MBC ACE/ Pudukottai EDC
264 N. Manimala F TA 12.5.75 BC SE/ Kanyakumar EDC
265 K. Kamaladhasan M JEIIGR 30.5.86 BC SE/Sivaganga EDC
266 S. Saravana Kumar M JE/II GR 10.3.78 BC SE/ Namakkal EDC
267 K. Rajendran M FM Ist. Gr. 18.1.64 BC SE/Chennai EDC/ North

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