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Monday, November 14, 2016

TANGEDCO Collection on 11.11.2016 Orders

                                                                                      ACCOUNTS BRANCH
                                                                                      REVENUE DIVISION

Circular Memo No.CFC/Rev/FC/Rev/F.Collection/D. 744/2016, dated 11.11.2016

                   Sub: TANGEDCO – Collection on 11.11.2016 – Ensure Consumers                                        satisfaction – Ensure safety for remittance and staff – Reg.

                    Ref: Circular Memo No.CFC/Rev/FC/Rev/F.Collection/D.738/2016, dated                             10.11.2016
                   It is brought to our notice that many consumers wait at the collection counters for remitting the payments towards the electricity charges today.  In order to ensure consumers satisfaction in this situation, all the Superintending Engineers/EDC are instructed that the arrangements may be made to ensure collection from all the consumers who come to the counters for payments.

                   Further, the amount collected shall be arranged to be remitted into TANGEDCOs Collection Account then and there and in case if any amount is held as balance in the Section Offices such amount may be arranged for safe custody until remittance.  It may also be ensured safety for staff engaged in the collection and remittance.

                   Assistant Executive Engineers/Assistant Engineers may be directed to stay in the respective section till the consumer queue gets exhausted at the collection counter.  Necessary vehicles may be arranged for staff for their return back home.  Snacks/Tea, lunch, dinner may also be arranged.  Adequate number of field staff may be  posted for each Section Office to safeguard the money collected.  Necessary Double wages may be given for the staff engaged in the collection and remittance work.

All the Superintending Engineers/EDCs.
Copy to:
All the Chief Engineers/Distribution Regions; H.Qrs. & Generating Stations & IT.
The Chief Financial Controller/Revenue; Regulatory Cell; General & TANTRANSCO.
The Financial Controllers/H.Qrs. & Thermal Stations. The CIAO; RAO; LA & Secretary.
Copy to the Asst. Personnel Officers/Tamil Development for published in the Bullettin (2 Copies)
All the Directors of TANGEDCO & TANTRANSCO; EA to the CMD.
                                      ::FORWARDED :: BY ORDER::
                                                                            Sd xxx (11.11.2016)
   Chief Financial Controller/Revenue

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