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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Upgradation of Record Clerks as Record Assitants Orders



TANGEDCO – Establishment – Record Clerks – Creation of avenue for promotion –  Upgradation of Record Clerks as Record Assistants – Orders – Issued.

(Per) FB TANGEDCO Proceedings No.3,                 Dated   9th February 2016.
                                                                              Thai 26.
                                                                              Thiruvalluvar Aandu 2047.


   i. G.O. Ms. No.131, P&AR (Per-C) Department, Dated 03.06.1994.
  ii. G.O. Ms. No.2, P&AR (j) Department dated 2.1.1996.
 iii. Government Finance Department Letter No.18173/Finance (BPE)
      2013, dated 24.05.2013.


       In the reference second cited, orders were issued superceding the earlier order first cited upgrading the post of Record Clerks as Record Assistants in the ratio           of 5:1 and the same proportion be maintained for every 6 posts of Record Clerks in Government of Tamil Nadu.  Subsequently, in the reference third cited, orders were issued by the Government extending the same to the State Pubic Sector Undertakings.
 TNEB JANATHA SANGAM                                       
       2. Most of the Unions have represented to adopt the Government order to create promotional avenues to the Record Clerks in TANGEDCO.  Since the strength of Record Clerks working in Circle level is low, to adopt the ratio of 5:1, the Unions have represented to modify the seniority of the Record Clerks from the existing Circle level to State level seniority for creation of promotional avenue alone. 

        3. The TANGEDCO has considered the request and after careful examination it is hereby ordered

i)             To create 47 posts of Record Assistants in the Pay band of Rs.5,400-20,200+Rs.2,500 G.P. by abolishing 47 posts of Records Clerks duly adopting the G.O. under reference              2nd cited in the ratio of 5:1. by taking into account the present sanctioned strength of Record Clerks of 279. The number of Record Assistants upgraded from Record Clerks will depend on the corresponding sanctioned strength from time to time.

… 2 …

:: 2 ::

ii)            To create the Record Assistant posts, separate State Seniority list of Record Clerks working in TANGEDCO is to be prepared  and maintained by the Administrative Branch, taking into account the date of their joining in the post of Record Clerk.

iii)          47 Senior most Record Clerks be promoted as Record Assistants in the newly created post.

iv)          The post held by the individual alone shall be upgraded without transferring him to other place and on their retirement, the post shall be downgraded.

v)            Vacancies that would arise consequent on retirement/ Voluntary Retirement/Resignation of existing incumbents and death shall be filled up by the next senior most eligible person in the State Seniority list.
                                                         TNEB JANATHA SANGAM                                       

vi)          Record Assistant promotion orders will be issued by the Administrative Branch on preparation of State Level seniority list of Record Clerks.

vii)         This order will take effect from the date of issue of  order.

viii)        Necessary amendment to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Service Regulations will be issued separately.

            4. The receipt of the Board’s Proceedings shall be acknowledged.

All Chief Engineers.
The Chief Financial Controller/General & Revenue/TANGEDCO.
All Superintending Engineers.
All Deputy Secretaries/Secretariat Branch.
The Chief Internal Audit Officer/Audit Branch.
Copy to:-
The Chairman cum Managing Director's Table.
The Director General of Police/Vigilance.
The Managing Director/TANTRANSCO.
.. 3 ..

::  3 ::

The Secretary/TANGEDCO/Chennai-2.
The Legal Adviser.
The Executive Assistant to Chairman cum Managing Director’s office.
The Industrial Relations Adviser/TANGEDCO.
The Deputy Chief Engineer/Administrative Branch.
All Senior Personnel Officers/Administrative Branch.
The Industrial Relations Officer/TANGEDCO.
The Assistant Personnel Officer/Tamil Development – for Publication
                                            in the TNEB Bulletin (2 copies).
All Branches.
All Officers/Sections/Cells in the Secretariat Branch .
Tamil Nadu Electricity Workers' Federation.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Accounts & Executive  Staff Union.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Workers Progressive Union (LPF).
Central Organisation of Tamil Nadu Electricity Employees (COTEE).
Minsara Pirivu Anna Thozhir Sangam.
Tamil Nadu Minvariya Janatha Thozhilalar Sangam.
Tamil Nadu National Electricity Workers' Federation (2 Groups).
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Engineers' Sangam.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Employees Congress.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Thozhilalar Aykkiya Sangam.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Engineers' Association.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Finance & Accounts Officers Association.
Bharathiya Electricity Employees Federation.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Card Billing Staff Union.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Dr.Ambedkar Employees Union.
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Engineers Union .

TNEB JANATHA SANGAM                                       



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