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Thursday, November 3, 2011

AEs/Civil, JEs/Civil.I.Grade and CHD - Suitable for promotion as AEE/Civil - Suitability report , DP & Service Particulars - Called for - Reg




Chief Engineer/Personnel,
144, Anna Salai,
Chennai - 600 002.

All Superintending Engineers.

    Letter No.073433/438/G.1/G.12/2011-2,  dated. 01.11.2011.


TANGEDCO - Estt-Class II Service – AEs/Civil, JEs/Civil.I.Grade and CHD - Suitable for promotion as AEE/Civil - Suitability report , DP & Service Particulars - Called for - Reg


                        A fresh panel is proposed to be prepared for filling up the  existing and anticipated vacancies of AEE/Civil based  on the  Crucial  date  of  5.6.2011.   A  list  of  AEs/ Civil.  and JEs./Civil.I Gr. and CHD  are annexed for consideration for  promotion  to the post of AEE/ Civil.

                        2. I therefore, request you to furnish the  particulars in  the format annexed in respect of officials mentioned  in  the list,  who  are  working under your circle, alongwith  10  years Service particulars (each 7 copies) of them.  I also request  you to  fill up the proforma using "Yes" or "No" as the case  may  be and that the proforma should not be filled up by using "dash" (-) and also not kept blank.

                        3.   I  also request you to furnish 7   Copies  of  the Charge Memo./Final Orders of D.P. if any.

                       4.  If any of the individual mentioned in the list  are found  working in your circle but marked to other  circle,  their particulars  may also be sent without  fail.  Also, if any of  the  Officer listed in the Annexure is transferred from your Circle to other  Circle,  the S.E. may be addressed directly to  the  S.Es. concerned together with the copy of this office ref. (w.e.)  with a  request to furnish the report of the Officer concerned  direct to this Office.    



                 5.  In  this connection, I am to  invite  reference  to  regulation  98  1(a) of the T.N.E.B. Service  Regulation  and  to  state  that  one  of the condition  to  consider  promotion  from  A.E/ Civil to  A.E.E/Civil.  is that  they  should  be  approved probationer in the category of A.E/ Civil.

                        6.  I therefore request you to report specifically the date  of Completion of probation of A.E/ Civil without  fail  in the relevant column in the format enclosed.

                        7.  As the preparation of panel of A.E.E/ Civil. depends  upon  the receipt of the above report.  I request you  to  bestow  your  personal attention in the matter and send the report on  or  before  20.10.2011 without fail.

                        8.  I  request you to send the  Performance  Assessment  Report for the year 2009, 2010 & 2011 immediately in respect of the  officials  listed in the Annexure if not already sent.

                        9.  I  request you to acknowledge the receipt  of  this  letter with enclosure by return of post without fail.
                                                                                                Yours faithfully,
Encl:  One Annexure
          & One Format                                                        

                                                                                                    (S.SYED LIYAKATH)
                                                                                                Chief Engineer/Personnel  
Copy to the Chief Engineers concerned.
Copy to the APO/M&C/Adm.Branch/Chennai.2
Copy to G15 Sec( 3 copies) each with a copy of Annexure.
Copy to G-2 and G.4 Sections ( 3 copies) each with a copy of Annexure.


1. Name and Designation                            :                   

2. Age and Date of Birth                                           :

3. Date of Retirement                                                :

4. Technical Qualification                                          :
5. Passing of E.D.Account Test held                       :
    during with Registration Number

6. Whether possess adequate
    knowledge in Tamil                                               :

7. Date of regular appointment in                            :            
    the post of AE/Civil./JE/ Civil.I Gr.              

8. Date of completion of probation                         :
    alongwith the cadre                                  

9. Total service in the present post                         :           Y      M      D
   as on 31.05.2011.
   (AE/Civil./JE/ Civil .I Gr.)

10. a) Name of the Station and the                         :
      circle where working           

   b) The correct and complete                    :
      postal address of the Official
      with Pin Code No.    

11. Whether any penalty has been                          : 
    imposed on the Officer for the
    last 5 years if so, to furnish

   i. The nature of charge                                           :


:: 2 ::
  ii. identify the charge proved                      :
      and not proved separately       

  iii. The nature of penalty imposed             :

12. If the punishment ordered is                  :
      stoppage of increment with or
      without cumulative effect
      indicate the following

    i. the punishment imposed of                   : 
       as per the final order dated

   ii. the date of commencement of              :
       the punishment      

  iii. the probable date of completion          :
       of the punishment   

   iv. A copy of final orders                            :
       issued to be enclosed         

13. Whether any charge/Vigilance              :
      enquiry are pending against the
      Officer and if so indicate the
      nature of charge/ enquiry
      present stage.
      A copy of charge memo. to
      be enclosed                      

14. Whether he is unauthorised absence :
      for more than 6 months               

15. Whether suitable for promotion             :
16. Whether the details of 10 years            :           In separate sheet.
      Service particulars of the

                                                                                                                                                                                                SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER.

CE/PER'S LETTER.NO.073433/438/G1/G12/2011-2,DATED.  01.11.2011


1 Kailasanathan. S 04.02.1954 Virudhunagar EDC

1 Venugopal. J 01.05.1966 GCC/ Chennai
2 Natarajan. S 01.04.1960 Gen./ Kundah
3 Rajendran. D 31.07.1967 Erode EDC
4 Meenakshi. P 12.02.1968 Madurai EDC
5 Kareen. H 03.05.1967 T.T.P.S.
6 Kalpana. A.K. 30.07.1970 Design/ Chennai
7 Thirunavukkarasu. G 19.03.1969 Erode EDC
8 Senguttuvan. A 09.06.1966 Masinagudi
9 Dharmar. M 15.04.1965 GCC/ Madurai
10 Maheswari. S 25.05.1965 GCC/ Madurai
11 Kannan. G 10.06.1968 Masinagudi
12 Radhakrishnan. M 01.05.1962 Theni EDC
13 Padma. P 02.06.1964 Cuddalore EDC
14 Jagadeeswari. S 30.05.1967 N.C.T.P.S.
15 Asokan. P 15.08.1964 N.C.T.P.S.
16 Senrayan. M 19.03.1967 CMC/ Madurai
17 Selvarathinam. M 16.02.1965 GCC/ Madurai
18 Umasankar. U 15.03.1967 CDC/ Chennai
19 Viswanathan. V 24.10.1964 H.P/ Urachikottai
20 Govindaraj. G 11.10.1963 GCC/ Trichy
21 Srinivasan. S 17.05.1968 Investigation
22 Shanthi. M 18.04.1969 GCC/ Madurai
23 Kumaresan. N 16.06.1964 GCC/ Salem
24 Baskaran. S 10.11.1965 GCC/ Madurai
25 Jothirani. G 20.05.1969 GCC/ Chennai
26 Kasiviswanathan. S 26.12.1965 GCC/ Chennai
27 Rajeswari. G 18.06.1970 GCC/ Chennai
28 Xavier Raj. M 24.11.1965 N.C.T.P.S.
29 Alwin. G 16.07.1964 CDC/ Chennai
30 Kalaiselvan. N 17.04.1963 Vellore EDC
31 Varadarajan. P 20.08.1969 GCC/ Madurai
32 Isabella. P.M. 03.04.1966 Chennai EDC/ South
33 Geetha. M 10.06.1966 Coimbatore/ South
34 Arivind Bose. M.K. 15.06.1967 GCC/ Coimbatore
35 Alagarsamy. S 20.04.1963 T.T.P.S.
36 Baskar. K 25.05.1964 GCC/ Madurai
37 Ranganathan. V 03.06.1966 GCC/Salem
38 Banumathy. R.M. 02.05.1967 Chennai EDC/ South
39 Nandagopalan. S 16.12.1963 GCC/ Coimbatore
40 Viswanathan. A 27.07.1963 H.P./ Bhavani
41 Sarukesi. S.M. 19.05.1968 Civil Design
42 Mahalakshmi. M.M. 28.07.1967 Civil Design
43 Chandrasekaran. R 24.06.1964 GCC/ Madurai
44 Rajan. D 07.12.1967 Civil/ Thermal
45 Marimuthu. N 09.04.1964 GCC/ Coimbatore
46 Arunmozhi. S 11.11.1967 Ramnad EDC
47 Malarvannan. R 31.07.1965 Salem EDC
48 Florence Vimala. X 25.05.1969 M.T.P.P.
49 Saravanan. V.T. 26.10.1963 GCC/ Chennai
50 Kumaragurumurthy. R 03.05.1967 Salem EDC
51 Parimala. J 14.05.1968 CE/D/ Madurai
52 Selvaraju. A 12.05.1965 GCC/ Chennai
53 Gomathi. S 01.06.1967 GCC/ Salem
54 Victor.D.S. 29.03.1957 Madurai EDC
55 Nachiyappan.K 11.05.1964 Pudukottak EDC
56 Jeevanandam.R 18.06.1966 Thiruvannamalai EDC
57 Selvam.T 15.05.1964 GCC/Chennai
58 A.Ganesan 07.10.1962 Tirunelveli EDC
59 Lumin Stanley 12.05.1962 Civil Hydel


1 Shanmugakani.M 05.06.1956 Gcc/Madurai
2 Parthikumar. V 12.01.1954 E.T.P.S.
3 Marimuthu. P 26.08.1969 Pudukkottai EDC
4 Muthuswamy. M 04.10.1953 GCC/ Madurai
5 Alagarsamy. V 09.05.1954 Sivaganga EDC
6 Muthupandi. A 05.05.1968 Investigation
7 Sekar. R 07.06.1958 B.B.G.T.P.P.
8 Parameswaran. M 28.09.1958 Tirupathur EDC
9 Gajendran. K 08.04.1957 CBE EDC/ South
10 Chandramohan. N 02.10.1957 GCC/ Coimbatore
11 Ragavendran. V 02.06.1957 H.P./ Masinagudi
12 Ravindran. S.V. 11.06.1962 T.T.P.S.
13 Manoharan. K 06.05.1957 Chennai EDC/ South
14 Sukumar. M 23.04.1955 CMC/ Madurai
15 Paulraj. V 28.12.1954 GCC/ Madurai
16 Sekar. M 11.11.1954 E.T.P.S.
17 Sridharan. V 16.07.1957 E.T.P.S.
18 Durai. V 06.12.1969 Design/ Chennai
19 Arivazhagi 02.06.1966 Investigation/Chennai
20 Rajendrakumar.K.S 08.02.1954 Chennai EDC/ South


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