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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Balance 178 AE/JE I Gr to AEE/Elec Promotion Allotment orders


Er.N.Krishnamoorthi, B.E.,
Chief Engineer/Personnel,          
144, Anna Salai,                                                      
Chennai-600 002.                        

All the Chief Engineers,

Letter No.095087/G.11/G.111/2014-3, dated 01.11.2014.

Sub :-  Establishment - Class II Service – A.E./Electrical and J.E./
                             Electrical I Grade – Selected for promotion as A.E.E./
                             Electrical – Allotment – Orders issued.

                             Ref :-            Memo.No.71223/495/G.1/G.11/2013-65, dt.17.10.2014.


                   The list of Assistant Engineers/Electrical, Junior Engineers/Electrical I Grade who have been selected for appointment as Assistant Executive Engineer/ Electrical on promotion in the reference cited, are allotted as detailed in Annexure for issue of appointment cum promotion order to the individuals.
        2. Under powers delegated in B.P.Ms.No.61 (F.B.) (Sectt. Branch) dated 01.08.1988, the concerned authorities are requested to issue necessary appointment orders as Assistant Executive Engineer on promotion under Regulation 106 of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Service Regulations and posting to the above promotees, to the circle as allotted under intimation to this office.

                  3. In this connection, I also invite reference to B.P.Ms.(FB)  No.45 (Adm.Branch) dated 5.9.1988 wherein clear instructions have been issued regarding posting of personnel in the Central Offices.
                  4. I also request you to incorporate the following clause in the appointment and posting orders to the above promotees :-

“The appointment is subject to the outcome of W.P.Nos.22607/2011,18070/2012 19270/2012, 14842/2013, 15360/2013 and 20763/2013 and W.A.No.1375/2013 pending in the Hon’ble High Court of Madras.

The promotees concerned should join duty at the place posted within 2 weeks from the date of issue of this order and no modification of postings will be entertained.

If he/she fails to assume charges within 2 weeks of relief from the present station, promotion orders will be cancelled.


                   5.  I also invite your attention to this Branch Letter No.113304/EA/A1/ 93-1 dated 22.11.1993 and issue suitable instructions to the Officers concerned to relieve the officials within 2 weeks from the date of issue of appointment and posting orders without waiting for joining of substitute and if any of the Officer do not relieve, necessary action may be taken against them/ him for not relieving promotees promptly as instructed in Memo. dated 22.11.93,  I also invite your attention to the instructions in para (3) of  Memo.No.117072/ Adm.Branch/ E1-3/ 97-1, dated 01.10.1997 and act accordingly.

                   6. As per Memo.No.089728/1069/G.15/G.151/2008-1, dated 29.08.2008, the Chief Engineers and Superintending Engineers of the Board are hereby informed that necessary instructions have already been issued in the Memo.No.95745/C1-1/1994-1 (Adm.Branch) dated 05.09.1994 for strict adherence for relieving/joining duty of the officials on his promotion. Inspite of said instructions, many officers in Class II Services has not joined duty in the respective office on promotion. Therefore, the Chairman has instructed that all the Officers concerned should relieve the promotees within 15 days from the date of receipt of order, failing which the Officers concerned will be held responsible.

                    7. The Superintending Engineers concerned should arrange to relieve the promotees immediately, even if there are vacancies in his circle.  If the individual applies for Medical Leave, the matter should be referred to the Medical Board. If the individual applies any other leave, the same should be refused. If the individual applies for the Medical Leave, the fact may be intimated to this office so that the promotion order will be cancelled and allotment will be given after exhausting all the persons in the present panel.

                   8. I also request you to cancel the appointment and posting orders of the promotees due to non-joining duty in the place posted within 2 weeks from the date of relief and the fact intimated to this Branch for taking further necessary action. I also request that the above may be closely watched and action taken.

                  9.  The Promotees who do not adhere to the time frame indicated for joining will be proceeded under Rule 8(a) of D&A Regulation as per Chairman Memo.No.100855/ 515/G42/G421/2002-1 dated 30.8.2002.

                   10.  The Superintending Engineers concerned are requested to serve the promotion order to the individuals only if they are free from D.P./Undergoing punishment/ Vigilance remarks.



                   11.The following Sl.Nos.73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,84,86,87,89,90, 91,92,93,95,96,97,98,99,101,102,103,104,106,108,109,110,112,115,116,117,118,119, 122,123,125,126,128,130,131,132,134,137,138,139,141,143,144,145,146,147149,152,155,157,158,159,160,164,166,167,169,174,175,176,179,181,183,186,189,190,191,193195,197,199,200,202,203,205,211,213,214,215,216,218,220,221222,223,228,229,230,234,239,241,246,249 and 250 are not eligible for Transfer Travelling Allowances.

            Yours faithfully,
                                                                           (S.AMUDHA)                                                                          Assistant Personnel Officer/Electrical
                                                                    for Chief Engineer/ Personnel
Copy to all the Superintending Engineers / TANGEDCO & TANTRANSCO.

Copy to the Deputy Secretary / Personnel / Sectt.Branch / Chennai-2.
          He is requested to issue necessary appointment-cum-posting orders to Thiru A.J.Prabhu, (Sl.No.146) A.E./Electrical/Flying Squad/Sectt.Branch/Chennai-2 on his promotion as A.E.E./Electrical, with a copy to this office. He is also requested to intimate the date of joining of the above official.        

Copy to the Under Secretary / Establishment / Sectt.Branch / Chennai-2.

Copy to the Personnel Officer/Panel/Adm.Branch.

Copy to G.1, G.11(2), G.13 and G.18 Sections in Adm. Branch / Chennai-2.

Copy to Stock File.                       

ANNEXURE TO LETTER No.095087/G.11/G.111/2014-3, dated 01.11.2014    
73 Ashok Kumar.M 9/24/1978 AE/Elecl P&C/Coimbatore Namakkal EDC                                       (110 KV Grid SS/Thiruchengodu)
74 Shanmugam.C 6/5/1966 AE/Elecl Pudukottai EDC Trichy EDC/Metro                                    (230 KV SS/Alundur)
75 Siva.N.S 6/19/1976 AE/Elecl TKGTPS/ Thirumakottai Thirumakottai (K) GTPS
76 Raja.V 3/2/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr BBGTPS Chennai EDC/South                     (230 KV SS/Guindy)
77 Usha.C 4/12/1977 AE/Elecl Salem EDC Salem EDC (230 KV SS/Deviakurichi)
78 Mahendran.N 2/28/1977 AE/Elecl Mettur EDC Gobi EDC
79 Nagaraj.G 2/17/1981 AE/Elecl Chennai Dev. Circle-I P&C/Chennai
80 Vijayaraghavan.R 6/1/1966 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Karur EDC Erode EDC (O&M/Kodumudi)
81 Jayamani.C 3/23/1970 AE/Elecl  MTPS - I M.T.P.S.-II
82 Manoharan.A 5/27/1981 AE/Elecl Namakkal EDC C.E./I.T./Chennai
83 Pandiyan.M 5/31/1974 AE/Elecl Chennai Dev.Circle-II G.C.C./Salem
84 Suresh.D 12/31/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Vellore EDC Vellore EDC
85 Sasikala.D 12/15/1980 AE/Elecl Krishnagiri EDC Thirupathur EDC
86 Panneerselvam.S 6/11/1972 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/West Chennai EDC/North                          (230 KV SS/Tondiarpet)
87 Dharmarajan.S 5/27/1981 AE/Elecl Sivaganga EDC Sivaganga EDC (As Senior Manager/ I.S./C.O.) against the upgraded post vide B.P.No.25, dated 24.01.2001.
88 Sudalaimuthuasari.P 4/5/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Tirunelveli EDC E.T.P.S.
89 Jeya Josephine.M 12/30/1976 AE/Elecl Trichy EDC/Metro Perambalur EDC
90 Venkatesan.S.M 6/5/1976 AE/Elecl Thiruvannamalai EDC Thiruvannamalai EDC
91 Kumaravelavan.V 6/2/1976 AE/Elecl VGTPS/Ramnad Valuthur GTPS
92 Ambedkar.P 5/3/1964 JE/Elecl. I.Gr MTPS - I M.T.P.S.-II
93 Ramamoothy.K 6/10/1977 AE/Elecl Kancheepuram EDC Kancheepuram EDC
94 Balachandar.J 11/23/1980 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/West Chennai EDC/West
95 Thanikasalam.B.R 5/10/1971 AE/Elecl P&C/Coimbatore Gobi EDC
96 Ramsai.S 1/30/1959 JE/Elecl. I.Gr MTPS - I M.T.P.S.-I
97 Porchelvi.L 12/16/1981 AE/Elecl Chennai/D/North Region C.E./Distn./Chennai Region/ South
98 Pubesh Raj Mohan.S.C 6/30/1972 AE/Elecl Virudhunagar EDC Virudhunagar EDC                             (Town/Arupukottai)
99 Sankar.R 5/28/1981 AE/Elecl Kuttalam GTPS Kuttalam GTPS
100 Anbalagan.K 6/4/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr MTPS - I N.C.T.P.S.-II
101 Mohanasundaram.K 4/27/1969 AE/Elecl Tirupathur EDC Thirupathur EDC (As Senior Manager/ I.S./C.O.) against the upgraded post vide B.P.No.25, dated 24.01.2001.
102 Ramachandran.K 5/22/1980 AE/Elecl Salem EDC Dharmapuri EDC (O&M/Kadathur)
103 Ramakrishnan.P 5/9/1973 AE/Elecl MTPS - I M.T.P.S.-II
104 Munirathinam.M 7/1/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/Central Chennai EDC/Central
105 Pandiaraj.J 4/13/1974 AE/Elecl Dindigul EDC Chengalpattu EDC
106 Ramasubbu.P 4/21/1966 AE/Elecl Ramnad EDC Ramnad EDC                               (Mtce./230 KV SS/Valuthur)
107 Mathivanan.R 9/11/1965 AE/Elecl Sivaganga EDC Nagai EDC
108 Subramani.T 12/2/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Vellore EDC Vellore EDC (230 KV SS/Mosur)
109 Chandran.S 6/1/1971 AE/Elecl Tirunelveli EDC Tuticorin EDC (O&M/Thiruchendur)
110 Muthusamy.P  3/21/1960 AE/Elecl Namakkal EDC Kallakurichi EDC
111 Dharmar.C 6/14/1965 AE/Elecl Theni EDC S.E./Electrical Thermal & Hydro Projects/Chennai
112 Venkatachalam.N 9/13/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr NCES/Udumalpet NCES/Udumalpet                             (Mtce./230 KV SS/Sadayarpalayam)
113 Murugan.R 6/12/1958 AE/Elecl Sivaganga EDC E.T.P.S.
114 Dheivasigamani.K 6/15/1967 AE/Elecl Coimbatore EDC/South N.C.T.P.S.-II
115 Vijayanandham.V.S 4/22/1973 AE/Elecl Coimbatore EDC/South Coimbatore EDC/South                     (230 KV SS/OK Mandapam)
116 Ignatius Loyola.J 9/26/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/North Chennai EDC/North
117 Thangappan.P 5/15/1967 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/West Chennai EDC/West (AEE/Spl.Mtce.)
118 Annadurai.T 5/30/1962 AE/Elecl Kallakurichi EDC Kallakurichi EDC
119 Samidurai.B 1/10/1963 AE/Elecl Cuddalore EDC Cuddalore EDC (O&M/Sethiyathope)
120 Sankaran.R 9/16/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/West Chennai EDC/Central
121 Sankar.A.S 2/2/1967 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/South G.C.C.-I/Chennai
122 Krishnamoorthy.R 5/12/1970 AE/Elecl Cuddalore EDC Villupuram EDC
123 Chelladurai.C 4/30/1977 AE/Elecl Generation/ Kadamparai C.E./Transmission/Chennai
124 Subramanian.A 12/9/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr TTPS N.C.T.P.S.-I
125 Nagarajan.K 8/26/1974 AE/Elecl Chennai Dev.Circle-II P&C/Chennai (AEE/P&C/S.P.Koil)
126 Meganathan.D 10/7/1970 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/West  Chennai EDC/North
127 Murali.K 5/15/1970 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/North Chennai EDC/North
128 Maharaja.P 3/17/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr NCTPS C.E./Transmission/Chennai
129 Muniraji.M 2/14/1972 AE/Elecl Dharmapuri EDC Thirupathur EDC
130 Arulselvan.K 5/10/1971 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/North C.E./Civil/P&E/Chennai
131 Sandhiya.E 7/2/1977 AE/Elecl Chennai/D/North Region C.E./Distn./Chennai Region/ North
132 Palani.R 10/1/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/Central Chennai EDC/Central
133 Ramesh.R 7/21/1974 AE/Elecl Tuticorin EDC C.E./Commercial/Chennai
134 Ravichandran.M 5/21/1969 AE/Elecl Tirupathur EDC Thirupathur EDC
135 Sivajayanthinathan.S 6/10/1968 AE/Elecl Udumalpet EDC Thirupathur EDC
136 Nithyanandam.V 7/5/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/North E.T.P.S.
137 Gurusamy.S 2/18/1969 AE/Elecl Tuticorin EDC Tuticorin EDC                                     (110 KV SS/Eppothum Vendran)
138 Sargunam.P 6/12/1974 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/North Chennai EDC/North (AEE/PRO/CO)
139 Ganesh.S 4/5/1967 AE/Elecl Villupuram EDC Villupuram EDC                                
140 Mohan.A 12/16/1956 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Kancheepuram EDC Chengalpattu EDC
141 Mahalakshmi.G 5/15/1977 AE/Elecl ETPS P&C/Chennai
142 Hariharan.B 10/7/1967 AE/Elecl Generation/ Tirunelveli N.C.T.P.S.-II
143 Sathitha.P 9/16/1976 AE/Elecl Villupuram EDC Villupuram EDC
144 Gnanapuban.T 12/8/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr TTPS Tuticorin EDC (230 KV SS/Sipcot/ Meelavittan)
145 Velushami.C.K 5/20/1966 AE/Elecl Tirupur EDC Namakkal EDC (230 KV SS/Unjanai)
146 Prabhu.A.J 6/26/1966 AE/Elecl Flying Squad/ Sectt.Branch SE/Enforcement/Chennai                (Flying Squad/ Sectt.Branch)
147 Latha.M 3/5/1967 AE/Elecl Erode EDC Erode EDC                                           (110 KV SS/Kavunthapady)
148 Balasubramanian.N 10/1/1963 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Thanjavur EDC Thiruvannamalai EDC
149 Vijayakumar.A.R.G 11/2/1962 AE/Elecl MTPS - I Valuthur GTPS
150 Yegamoorthi.A 5/7/1968 AE/Elecl Generation/ Tirunelveli G.C.C./Salem
151 Gomatheeswari.J 5/25/1967 AE/Elecl TTPS N.C.T.P.S.-II
152 Muthiyalu Babu.K 3/9/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr NCTPS Chengalpattu EDC                               (230 KV SS/Veerapuram)
153 Manivannan.A 6/1/1968 AE/Elecl Salem EDC C.E./PPP/Chennai
154 Baskaran.A 6/24/1967 AE/Elecl TKGTPS/ Thirumakottai Thanjavur EDC
155 Dwarakanath.V 4/4/1966 AE/Elecl Udumalpet EDC Udumalpet EDC                                      (230 KV SS/Udumalpet)
156 Manickam.C 5/6/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Generation/ Erode E.T.P.S.
157 Anbumani.P 5/31/1965 AE/Elecl Udumalpet EDC Udumalpet EDC (O&M/Pedappampatty)
158 Nirmala.T 10/13/1970 AE/Elecl Salem EDC M.T.P.S.-II
159 Thiruvengadam.S.K 3/10/1964 AE/Elecl Trichy EDC/Metro Trichy EDC/Metro (O&M/Craw Ford)
160 Pugazhendhi.B 10/10/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/North Chengalpattu EDC
161 Thirumalaisamy.A 2/10/1966 AE/Elecl Udumalpet EDC Nilgiris EDC
162 Venkatesan.G 5/27/1966 AE/Elecl Karur EDC C.E./R-APDRP/Chennai
163 Srinivasan.N.R 11/15/1966 AE/Elecl Madurai EDC/Metro C.E./I.T./Chennai
164 Mohanasundram.S 3/2/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr NCTPS N.C.T.P.S.-I
165 Vijayapriya.D 6/4/1971 AE/Elecl Chennai Dev. Circle-I C.E./Distn./Chennai Region/ North
166 Gopalakrishnan.T 1/12/1968 AE/Elecl Tuticorin EDC Tuticorin EDC (As Senior Manager/ I.S./C.O.) against the upgraded post vide B.P.No.25, dated 24.01.2001.
167 Kishore.C.K 5/30/1968 AE/Elecl Coimbatore EDC/South Nilgiris EDC (Senior Manager/I.S.)
168 Amaladoss.S 3/15/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/South  Chengalpattu EDC
169 Vijayalakshmi.R 6/4/1975 AE/Elecl LD & GO/ Chennai S.E./LD & GO/Chennai-2
170 Suresh.C 2/10/1969 AE/Elecl Dindigul EDC N.C.T.P.S.-II
171 Tharmaraj.T 1/6/1962 AE/Elecl Nilgiris EDC Thirupathur EDC
172 Sivaramadoss.S 8/20/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Tuticorin EDC E.T.P.S.
173 Baskaran.P 5/29/1969 AE/Elecl Namakkal EDC Thirupathur EDC
174 Amalraj.S.J.A 5/7/1968 AE/Elecl NCTPS Villupuram EDC
175 Vijayakumar.R 11/11/1962 AE/Elecl NCES/Tirunelveli Tirunelveli EDC                                    (Urban/Town Section)
176 Vijayan.K 7/5/1959 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/South Chennai EDC/Central
177 Rajamani.V 1/2/1967 AE/Elecl Udumalpet EDC GM/HRD/Chennai
178 Ponnusamy.A.M 10/11/1969 AE/Elecl Tirupur EDC P&C/Chennai
179 Velmurugan.A 5/17/1971 AE/Elecl Coimbatore EDC/North Coimbatore EDC/South (AEE/PRO/CO)
180 Govindan.P 8/7/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr MTPS - I N.C.T.P.S.-I
181 Vinayagan.S.P.V 4/20/1968 AE/Elecl NCTPS N.C.T.P.S.-I
182 Balasubramanian.M 6/8/1971 AE/Elecl Salem EDC C.E./Civil/P&E/Chennai
183 Venkatachalam.M 7/10/1969 AE/Elecl Salem EDC Salem EDC (230 KV SS/ Deviakurichi)
184 Joji.K.Philip 5/20/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Coimbatore EDC/Metro E.T.P.S.
185 Saravanan.A 3/10/1968 AE/Elecl Tirupur EDC N.C.T.P.S.-II
186 Senram.N 6/10/1974 AE/Elecl Coimbatore EDC/North Coimbatore EDC/South (Distn./Kurichi)
187 Ganesan.S 12/12/1970 AE/Elecl TTPS N.C.T.P.S.-I
188 Selvakumar.G 9/3/1960 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Coimbatore EDC/Metro E.T.P.S.
189 Hariramkumar.S 7/28/1974 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/North C.E./Hydro/Chennai
190 Chellapandi.P 1/15/1967 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/Central Chennai EDC/North                                    (230 KV SS/ Gummidipoondi)
191 Murugan.G 6/2/1969 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/South Chennai EDC/South                                   (230 KV SS/ Guindy)
192 Ganesan.P 6/1/1959 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Tirupathur EDC Thirupathur EDC
193 Shanmugam.A 4/10/1965 AE/Elecl Erode EDC Erode EDC (O&M/Chennimalai)
194 Ramachandran.R 2/3/1969 AE/Elecl Thanjavur EDC C.E./Distn./Villupuram Region
195 Ekambaram.M 5/5/1967 AE/Elecl Kancheepuram EDC Kancheepuram EDC (AEE/Enforcement/Kancheepuram)
196 Rajendran.P 4/5/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Nilgiris EDC Nilgiris EDC
197 Narayanan.T 6/10/1967 AE/Elecl Thiruvannamalai EDC Thiruvannamalai EDC
198 Sadickbatcha.A 6/3/1967 AE/Elecl TTPS N.C.T.P.S.-II
199 Sreedharan.G 4/30/1967 AE/Elecl System Studies/Chennai C.E./MM/Chennai
200 Elango.S 5/30/1960 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Thiruvannamalai EDC Thiruvannamalai EDC
201 Krishnaswamy.N 6/7/1966 AE/Elecl Udumalpet EDC C.E./Distn./Villupuram Region
202 Bhoopathy.K 7/20/1967 AE/Elecl Dharmapuri EDC Thirupathur EDC
203 Krishnamoorthy.V 5/14/1968 AE/Elecl NCTPS - II N.C.T.P.S.-II
204 Kannaiyan.V 1/31/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/North N.C.T.P.S.-I
205 Arumugam.S 9/7/1970 AE/Elecl TTPS E.T.P.S.
206 Srinivasan.N 4/12/1971 AE/Elecl CE/D/Erode Region AEE/GIS/Erode Region (against the redeployed post of 110 KV SS/ Valavanthi in Namakkal EDC)
207 Deivendran.S 6/7/1966 AE/Elecl Generation/ Tirunelveli N.C.T.P.S.-II
208 Kalayanasundram.R 4/5/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Coimbatore EDC/Metro E.T.P.S.
209 Sivasankaran.T 4/26/1959 AE/Elecl Virudhunagar EDC C.E./Transmission/Chennai
210 Jawahar.S 6/1/1964 AE/Elecl TTPS N.C.T.P.S.-II
211 Govindaraju.D 7/23/1965 AE/Elecl Chengalpattu EDC Chengalpattu EDC (AEE/MRT)
212 Kalaiselvan.D 3/10/1960 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Coimbatore EDC/North E.T.P.S.
213 Muraliraj.K 7/19/1965 AE/Elecl GCC/Trichy Thiruvarur EDC                                         (Mtce./230 KV SS/ Thiruvarur)
214 Mohan.G 6/11/1970 AE/Elecl TKGTPS/ Thirumakottai Thirumakottai (K) GTPS
215 Ravichandran.P 6/14/1966 AE/Elecl Trichy EDC/Metro Perambalur EDC (Rural/Jayankondam)
216 Shanmugasundaram.R 4/1/1960 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/Central C.E./MM/Chennai
217 Ravichandran.N 7/10/1966 AE/Elecl GCC/Trichy P&C/Chennai
218 Veeraraghavan.K 5/16/1962 AE/Elecl Kuttalam GTPS Thiruvarur EDC
219 Ganesan.K 5/2/1967 AE/Elecl Trichy EDC/Metro   N.C.T.P.S.-II
220 Muthusamy.G 6/7/1959 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chengalpattu EDC Chengalpattu EDC
221 Esakkiraj.M 5/7/1973 AE/Elecl VGTPS/Ramnad Valuthur GTPS
222 Subramanian.G 7/25/1973 AE/Elecl Vellore EDC Vellore EDC                                         (Shift/230 KV SS/Thiruvalam)
223 Rajkumar.A 6/7/1971 AE/Elecl Chennai Dev. Circle-I Chennai Dev.Circle/TANGEDCO
224 Muthu.T 2/3/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/South Chengalpattu EDC
225 Murugesan.P 7/31/1967 AE/Elecl TTPS N.C.T.P.S.-I
226 Suresh.K 6/2/1968 AE/Elecl Dharmapuri EDC Vellore EDC
227 Gopalsamy.T 6/16/1967 AE/Elecl Udumalpet EDC N.C.T.P.S.-I
228 Jayaraman.R 5/20/1959 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chengalpattu EDC Chengalpattu EDC
229 Rajasekar.S 9/15/1966 AE/Elecl Cuddalore EDC Kallakurichi EDC
230 Parameswaran.U 6/5/1965 AE/Elecl Coimbatore EDC/North Generation Circle/Kundah
231 Murugan.S.K 4/25/1967 AE/Elecl Kanyakumari EDC N.C.T.P.S.-I
232 Pannerselvam.R 6/14/1959 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/South Chengalpattu EDC
233 Masilamani.M 4/26/1969 AE/Elecl Salem EDC Generation Circle/Erode
234 Saravanan.D 5/20/1966 AE/Elecl Theni EDC Theni EDC (AEE/R-APDRP)
235 Manikandan.A 6/28/1966 AE/Elecl Dindigul EDC N.C.T.P.S.-II
236 Paramasivam.S 9/30/1957 JE/Elecl. I.Gr NCTPS N.C.T.P.S.-I
237 Pandiarajan.K 5/10/1964 AE/Elecl Villupuram EDC Thiruvannamalai EDC
238 Ramanan.K.V 7/2/1965 AE/Elecl Cuddalore EDC Thiruvannamalai EDC
239 Palanivelu.N 4/27/1965 AE/Elecl Karur EDC Chennai EDC/Central                                (O&M/West Mambalam-II)
240 Jayabalan.P 7/11/1959 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Chennai EDC/North N.C.T.P.S.-II
241 Kadirkamaselvan.R 2/25/1967 AE/Elecl Madurai EDC Ramnad EDC (MRT/Paramakudi)
242 Samayamuthu.V 12/25/1964 AE/Elecl Dindigul EDC N.C.T.P.S.-II
243 Ravichandran.G 1/9/1962 AE/Elecl Karur EDC N.C.T.P.S.-I
244 Muthuramalingam.R 6/2/1958 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Virudhunagar EDC S.E./R.E. & I.D./Chennai
245 Ramachandran.C 5/1/1966 AE/Elecl Chennai EDC/North S.E./LD & GO/Chennai-2
246 Vetrivelpandi.K.R 9/4/1965 AE/Elecl Generation/ Kadamparai Generation Circle/Kadamparai
247 Samuel Christopher Dhanraj.I 7/7/1967 AE/Elecl GCC/Madurai N.C.T.P.S.-II
248 Chandrasekaran.A 6/25/1959 JE/Elecl. I.Gr Dharmapuri EDC G.C.C.-I/Chennai
249 Balasubramani.P 2/15/1967 AE/Elecl Tirupathur EDC Vellore EDC
250 Mohankumar.K.R 8/31/1970 AE/Elecl Generation/ Erode S.E./LD & GO/Chennai-2
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